Amazing to believe over a year has come and gone since we landed in Thailand. Sometimes it still feels like we have just arrived, and yet so much life has happened over this last year. We are doing well as a family, and we are so incredibly grateful to each of you for praying toward that end. We are also very honored to participate in the various ministry opportunities we have had over this time. 

Many of you may recall one of the reasons we felt called to Chiang Mai specifically was because of its international representation. One of our prayers in moving here was that the Lord would use us to not only minister to Thais but to also have an impact on others from greater Southeast Asia. This year we have been able to have conversations about Jesus with individuals from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, and more. We’ve shared meals and conversations with practicing Buddhists, agnostics, “seekers,” new believers, seasoned Christians, and others. Through this, our own faith has been stretched and grown.

One of our most exciting relationships of late has been with our new Chinese neighbor, Amber. The week after she moved in, I (Traci), began a Bible study and worship time at her house with her Thai nanny (Nui) as well. Amber has been very enthusiastic about growing in her own understanding and faith, and has asked us to help teach Bible stories to her four-year-old daughter, MeiMei, as well. Our kids have been awesome at including MeiMei as they play, and we have been able to highlight the importance of them showing Christ’s love too. One of Amber’s friends, Lily, even brought her son, Bernie, over, and we all enjoyed a feast of home-made Chinese dumplings together. Both Bernie (14) and his mom have stated that they have read through the Bible, but are not Christians. Bernie had such a great time playing with Elam, though, that he has asked if they can come over every weekend to play more. We see this as a huge opportunity to continue to engage with them and speak candidly about our relationship with Jesus. Amber has also reconnected with a few Chinese friends that she knew from twenty years ago (back in China) that now live here in Chiang Mai, and has invited them to be a part of the Bible study time too—these other ladies do not seem to have a relationship with Jesus, and Amber has been bold to invite them and ask me (Traci) to lead the study. Wow! This is just one example of how your prayers and support have enabled us to share Christ with others here. 

As our vision and reach continue to expand, we are confident the Lord will continue to supply the financial resources to match what He has called us to. We are trusting the Lord to provide $8,000 in year-end giving. Would you prayerfully consider giving a special end of year gift of $200, $500, or some other amount in addition to your regular support? As with any gift, please make your check payable to “Cru” and use the envelope and response card provided. If you prefer to make a contribution by bank transfer or credit card please go to our secure Cru giving page at and follow the simple instructions. 

We consider it a great privilege to share our prayer needs as well as our financial needs with you throughout the year. However the Lord may lead you to respond, we are grateful and are encouraged by knowing you are standing with us in this ministry to further the good news of Christ throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia.