Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17


I love this reminder from James—we should always be thanking our Father for the good gifts He gives…and we are so thankful to be starting the new year here in Thailand! It has been a busy few months, but we have gotten a lot done. We were able to gain our extended Visas, which gives us legal status into this summer. Despite some crazy challenges, both of us have also secured our driver’s licenses. Over the holiday break we were even able to purchase a van, thanks in huge part to your generous year-end gifts. Additionally, we have signed a rental agreement on a home and should be able to move in sometime in late February. We are so incredibly grateful to each and every one of you that have prayed for or have given toward our needs this past year! We could not be here without both the prayers and financial support. We are honored to serve in ministry alongside of you, and pray that with some of these “ground-work” tasks behind us, we will be able to focus more aggressively on language acquisition throughout this year.


Part of our current sublease has included the services of a [believing] Thai “house-helper”—Phii Ghett (pronounced “pē-get”). This is standard in Thailand, where even the middle class can often offer a basic wage to someone that may otherwise not have an income at all—many “house-helpers” come from hill tribes where sources of income are typically sparse. Over the last five months we have become good friends with Phii Ghett, and she has helped me (Traci) greatly with language. Just before December we became aware that her truck had broken down and she did not have the financial means to fix it. While the cost seemed relatively small to us, it was too great for her at the time. When asked, she said the truck would have to sit for at least several weeks until she had the means, leaving her with only a motorbike to get around (with her three kids).

We saw this as an opportunity to share what the Lord has generously given us, through many of you, and we were able to immediately pay for the repair. We were also able to purchase some Christmas gifts for their family of five, and they were incredibly grateful—simple requests like a soccer ball, markers, and a water bottle—things we take for granted were treasures to them. May you each be encouraged that your generosity is a direct means for expressing a glimpse of the Lord’s lavish love to His children. “But as for me, I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me. You are my help and my deliverer; you are my God, do not delay.” Psalm 40:17. All glory to Him who sees us in our need, and cares for us as individuals!


We are beyond thrilled to share that Traci’s parents landed safely in Bangkok on January 15th. After their mandatory two-week quarantine, they will be joining us here in Chiang Mai on January 30th. What an incredible gift it will be to have them here—to serve in ministry together, and share in the many joys and adventures ahead. Pray for their transition back to life in Thailand and pray that their ministry ahead would be full of fruit.





Pray that we are able to get set up with a language school or tutor, and begin formal study soon.


Pray that we would be able to move into our house in February, without further delays.


Grey has joined Elam at Grace Int’l school this semester—pray they continue to learn and thrive there.


Pray for opportunities to befriend locals now and in our new neighborhood and surrounding community.